How to Build A Website With Hostinger ? Step-By-Step Guide

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Hi guys , in this article we are going to guide you that how you can make your own website using hostinger website hosting. It is a complete step by step guide so you do not need to go anywhere else . So let’s start with the first point :

Buy a Hostinger Plan

First you need to purchase any hostinger web hosting plan so you can start with these steps. We hope that you already have did this first step , if not yet then click here to buy a premium plan with 20% off ( because you are a Website Guide Center reader ).

Remember that you need a domain for your web site . If you will buy ” Premium ” or ” Business ” plan or above , you will get a free domain , otherwise you can purchase a domain from other platforms.

Login to your Hostinger Dashboard

As you have a hosting plan , now you need to login to your dashboard of your Hosting-er . It is very easy to start with this platform so at the top sidebar , you will see a ” Websites ” section , so click on that. Now follow these steps to build your own website :

  1. Click on ” Create or migrate a web-site
  2. Now select ” Create a new web site “
  3. Select ” WordPress ” as the platform
  4. Now Create a WordPress account with administrator email and password
  5. Select ” Skip, I don’t need a template “

No need to get confused , we have framed these steps in the image below , these will help you in the practical prospective. All the pics are arranged in a stepwise sequence ( 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5)

Install WordPress on Website

How to Build A Website With Hostinger ? Step-By-Step Guide
How to Build A Website With Hostinger ? Step-By-Step Guide
How to Build A Website With Hostinger ? Step-By-Step Guide
How to Build A Website With Hostinger ? Step-By-Step Guide
How to Build A Website With Hostinger ? Step-By-Step Guide

After following these steps , you need to point your domain to this hosting , so below you will get the steps that how you can do it. If you are having trouble , below , there is a video tutorial too for you .

How to connect Google domain to Hostinger?

After completing the above steps , you will get the option ” Name Your Website “. To connect your google domain ( Purchased from Godaddy , Namecheap , etc ) to Hostinger , select ” Use an Existing Domain “.

If you do not have one , here is also an option to buy new. Now enter your do-main name without http or https ( i.e. :- ) .

How to Build A Website With Hostinger ? Step-By-Step Guide

Step – 1 : Changing Nameservers

Now you need to change the nameserver for your Google Domain. Here we are mentioning the steps to do this on Godaddy , for other providers , the steps are very similar. Note :- Do not close your hostinger page , now follow these steps :

  1. Login to your Godaddy account
  2. Go to ” My Products “
  3. Click on ” DNS ”
  4. You will find ” Nameservers ” , click on change
  5. Now ” Enter My Own Nameservers ( Advanced ) “
  6. Now paste ” ” in the first
  7. and ” ” in the second
  8. Now save these works

You will get a pop-up that “Changing nameservers is risky ” , below you will get an option ” Yes, I consent to update Nameservers for the selected domain(s) ” , check the box and click ” Continue “. Now your work on your Domain Provider Site is finished, so again open the hostinger tab in which previously we were working .

How to Build A Website With Hostinger ? Step-By-Step Guide

Step – 2

Click on ” Finish Setup ” and initializing setup process will start automatically, now wait until the process completes.

Now your website building process is complete and after clicking on ” Edit Your Website ” , you will redirect to the WordPress dashboard , but we suggest you to install ” SSL Certificate ” on your web-site. SSL means Security Socket Layers , and it is must from a security perspective .

Step – 3 : Installing SSL Certificate

Hostinger offers you unlimited number of SSL certificate for free . To avail this , follow these steps

  1. Go to your Hostinger Dashboard
  2. Click on ” SSL “
  3. Click on ” Install Free SSL “
  4. Now on ” Install SSL “
  5. So your SSL is installed
How to Build A Website With Hostinger ? Step-By-Step Guide

So now your website is completely ready and you can publish your articles on it. If you are having trouble , then feel free to contact us on Instagram , we will help you to solve your minor problems regarding website building for free.

FAQ about Hostinger Website Hosting

Here we have tried to answer some of the popular questions , people asked about Hostinger. First one is not related to that , but it is related to all wordpress websites.

How To Login to WordPress Website ?

  1. Go to your website website ( i.e. :- )
  2. Add ” wp-admin ” , after your URL ( i.e.:- )
  3. Enter your Username or registered Email
  4. Enter the password
  5. And now you are logged in .

How much does it cost to transfer a domain to Hostinger?

The minimum plan starts with 1.99 $ / Month ( for 4 years ) , as the price increases , features and options also increase . You can check out Hostinger Plans Cost here :- Hosting-er Web Hosting

Is Hostinger good for buying domain?

If you are planning to host your website on Hostinger then buying domain from it will make your blogging experience more smooth , otherwise you can consider website like Godaddy .

How is Hostinger so cheap?

Hostinger is a very big company and have lots and lots of customers , that’s why they are able to give their service for so cheap price. Just because they have high number of customers , they earn a lot from small profit margins .

How to edit your website in Hostinger?

  1. Login to Your Hostinger Dashboard
  2. Click on ” Websites “
  3. Click on ” Edit Website ” ( to edit in wordpress )
  4. Click on ” Manage ” ( to change in hosting files )

Hope you guys liked our article that how to build a website , if you have any problem regarding your website ,feel free to contact us . Thanks for giving us your time.

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