Top 5 Tips For Instant Adsense Approval

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Instant Adsense Approval Tips :- Hi guys , if you are getting rejection from adsense for your blogging website , we have top 5 tips and tricks for you that you need to follow. If you will follow these steps , your chances to get google adsense approval will increase to a next level. So let’s start the solution :

Install SSL Certificate on Your Site

SSL ( Secure Sockets Layer ) is a security layer which is very important for a trustworthy website. If you are working as a blogger so it is needed that you must install SSL certificate on your web site. To get approval from any ad network Security Sockets Layer is a big factor. If you don’t know how to install it , contact to your hosting provider , you can also search for it because there are different ways on different hostings.

Top 5 Tips For Instant Adsense Approval

Number of Posts and Content

It is not an official reason but can be one of them , you can run ads without too many posts but it depends on your blogging categories that ad networks will approve your request or not. Such as , a blog related to finance , business , tech in english language can easily get approval from adsense in very few posts , but for entertainment niche in non-eng language , it is a bit difficult. So if your site is from different category , try to post more articles .

Increase Your Traffic ( Organic or Referral )

Third tip is that you have to increase the traffic of your website . Remember , without traffic you can earn , so you need some traffic that you can derive from social media such as facebook , instagram , twitter or organic traffic , means page views from Google search results. So if you fulfill this criteria , you can get adsense approval quickly. Also remember that without views , you can’t earn a single dollar , so your first priority should be to increase page view on your blogs.

Top 5 Tips For Instant Adsense Approval

Come in Google Search Results

If you are writing on a topic , it is needed that your posts should appear in search results. It increases the chances of getting approval from Google Adsense . You can check it via your search console , just follow these steps :

  1. Login to your Google Search Console
  2. Click on Performance
  3. Select Search Type – Web and Date – Last 28 Days
  4. You will see the number of impressions

You will get many more stats about your website such as in which country your content is ranking, or for which keyword google is showing your articles in results and on which position. So it is very useful tool.

Top 5 Tips For Instant Adsense Approval

Use an Ad Friendly WordPress Theme

It is one of the most important factor that you use an ad friendly theme on your wordpress site. Without a good WPtheme , it is almost impossible to get instant adsense approval , and guys , for your convenience , we have created a list of top 5 adfriendly wpthemes. So click below to know about them :

Hope you guys liked our list and it was helpful for you. Implement these things on your site and you will get what you are working for. If after doing these all thing your are still getting rejection , it is possible that your content is violating any terms of publishers. Click here to read Ad-sense Progam Policy .

Also you can Contact Us for any type of problem regarding your wordpress problems , we will try to do whatever we can do for you and it is totally free of cost. Thanks for giving us your time.

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