WordPress Website Setup : 5 Important Settings

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WordPress Website Setup : If you just created a wordpress website and trying to show your presence on Google , then you need to apply some very important settings on your website so Google can detect you and your existence on the platform.

Remember ,these settings are most important to apply on new websites , we have made a detailed video tutorial on our Youtube Video which is available in the last of this article. So without taking time , you should complete these steps. So let’s start :

1. Changing Your Permalink Setting :

When you will make a wordpress website , it’s permalink will be set on “Plain” , which will show your any post’s like https://example.com/?p=123 . You neend to change this setting to “post” .

To change your permalink , go to your wordpress dashboard and follow these steps :

  1. Click on Settings and then Permalink
  2. In permalink structure , select ” Post “
  3. Click on Save Changes
  4. Your permalink is changed now.
Wordpress Website Setup : 5 Important Settings

2. Installing SEO Plugin ( Rank Math or Yoast SEO )

Now you need to install any SEO plugin on your wordpress website. Yoast SEO and Rank Math are two most popular plugin so you can install any of these. These will create sitemaps for your site.

Detailed free video tutorial is available on our youtube Channel , so you can watch that for reference and help.

3. Installing Google Site Kit

Now one of the most important step is to install Site Kit plugin on your website , so to do that follow these steps :

  1. Open your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Click on Plugins and then Add New
  3. Search for Site Kit
  4. Now click on Install and then Activate
  5. Now you need to setup your Site Kit Account

You can follow the steps that we have shown in our video , then you will easily setup your site kit account. Although it’s not a difficult task , but an important one.

4. Submit Your Website’s Sitemaps

As we’ve mentioned that you need to install any SEO plugin that can create sitemaps for your website. So now you have sitemaps for your site and you need to submit them on your search console . To do that , follow these steps :

  1. Open your sitemap ( check your SEO pluggin )
  2. Now copy the after main URL text ( ex – sitemaps_index.xml)
  3. Paste that in your search console (in sitemaps)
  4. Now click on submit
  5. Your sitemap in submitted
Search Console

5. Index Your Website URL

Now you need to submit your website’s URL for indexing . You need to make your all URLs indexed so they can rank on Google. Without indexing , non if your post will show on Google .

So to submit your website for indexing , follow these steps :

  1. Open your Search Console Account
  2. In URL Inspection , paste your URL and click Inspect URL
  3. After inspection , click on Request Indexing
  4. It will take some time to index

If you are having trouble then watch the tutorial that we have created for you. All the steps are practically done in this video, follow the steps and complete your wordpress website setup .

Video Tutorial

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